Digital Art Festival – Winners

Digital Art Festival – Winners

The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or printing. New technologies are merging the physical, digital and biological worlds and transforming humankind and connecting people in a very significant way. Keeping with the spirit the students of Dnyanganga English Medium School participated in the Digital Art Festival and competition organized by NIIT on 15th December 2017.

For students from standard 2nd to 5th (Jr. Group) the topics were ‘My School’ and ‘Festivals of India’- and from standard 6th to 8th (Sr. Group) the topics were- ‘My Dream World’, ‘My India’ and ‘Amusement Park’. Students from both the groups participated enthusiastically in the competition and presented their ideas in a very unique and distinct way. They proved that they are not good only on drawing sheets but also equally good at digital drawing on computer.

And the winners are:-

Morning Shift(Winners)

Junior Category:-

1) Shalaka Madge -Class 4th

2) VaibhaviJagtap- Class 5th

3) TusharJagnade- Class 4th

Senior Category:-

1) SohamGurav- Class 8th

2)  Siddhi Bhondve- class 8th

3) Swapnil Chandekar- Class 8th

Afternoon Shift(Winners)

Junior Category

1) Arya Shelar- Class 3rd

2) JanhaviPangare Class 5th

3) Siddhi More- Class 5th

Senior Category

1) Aneesh Joshi- Class 8th

2) SujalAradwad -Class 7th

3) KasturiPardesi- Class 8th

Founder Director Hon. S. M. Katkar and Executive Director Hon. JayeshKatkar appreciated the skill of their students. Principal Hon. RenukaDatta expressed her views by saying that, she feels very satisfied to see students of DEMS becoming ‘Techno-savvy’ and has firm belief that they would become a vital part of ‘Digital India’ in future.

All teachers appreciated students work and were very astonished to see their creativity.

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