DEMS has a well-equipped Biology lab with different models, charts, specimens and microscopes. We have a collection of various models of animal cells, plant cell, organ systems (like digestive system, skeletal system), various body parts (like the human eye, brain, heart, kidneys etc.) Because of these models, students get a clear understanding of different life processes. We have a 3-D model of a torso that helps the students to understand the actual dimensions and structural details a particular part of the human body. Specimens like fish, snail, starfish, nematoda, coral, sponge etc. are available to for students to study a variety of diverse plant and animal life in a particular environment, present on the earth. Colourful and large-size and well-labelled charts with pictures are used by teachers to enhance the learning experience. Various microscopic organisms and cells can be studied with the help of 5 microscopes. In the Biology lab, students practice how the make various slides too. Hence, the facilities at the lab offer countless opportunities to students to enhance their knowledge about Biology.

We have a well maintained Physics Laboratory with the required lab equipment for performing school experiments. We have a variety of equipment that comprises of electrical circuits, mirrors, lenses, prisms for light experiments, balances for mass experiments, calori meters for heat experiments, devices for sound experiments and magnets. The students connect the components of an electrical circuit and understand the related concept. To understand magnetism, students study various types of magnets while they perform experiments. The electrical circuit devices are maintained and upgraded regularly by an external agency. We have displayed charts with photographs and information of renowned scientists and various Physics principles to add to the knowledge of the students. The Physics hall is airy and well lit offers the right atmosphere for experimenting. There are calendar charts in the lab that are used to make the teaching experience more effective for concepts like lens–mirror images, electromagnetism, etc. Students understand science principles better by kinaesthetic learning i.e. by performing the experiments themselves.

A chemistry lab is considered crucial in encouraging students to develop an analytical approach towards science. DEMS offers quite a spacious lab in order to inculcate the curiosity for questioning and reasoning among the students. We have adhered to quality standards in the lab in order to maintain hygiene and safety. Additionally, teachers interact with the student while performing experiments which has a considerable effect on the understanding of the students. This further helps the students to use their learning and conclusion of the experiments to clarify their doubts and understand concepts better. The lab is equipped and updated as per the school requirements.

We cannot imagine the world today without computers. They have become an integral part of our lives. Today, we are expected to use technology to reduce human effort wherever possible. Hence, computers are an inseparable part of our education system as well. As computers are included in our syllabus, we offer the knowledge of latest technological tools to the students.

DEMS has a well-maintained Wi-Fi computer lab with 45 computers. Our system has Windows 2007 and Windows 2010 operating system with Intel Core i3 -7100 Dell Processor, LAN with 64-bit Operating System,
Installed memory of 4 GB RAM.

LCD, LED Projection System, Seqrite Anti-Virus Protection System, Printer, Scanner and Xerox machine. Our infrastructure has a complete surveillance system, electrical power supply with complete generator set back-up. Our computer software is regularly updated to keep up with the fast changing technology.
We teach students with NIIT Nguru E-learning teaching platform.

At DEMS, we teach the following software/systems:

  • Windows OS-2007, Microsoft office 2010 and its features
  • Microsoft Windows logo
  • Pivot Animator
  • Scratch
  • GIMP
  • Tux Paint
  • C, C++, HTML

We conduct intra-school and inter school competition of IT-QUIZ, PPT presentations, Scratch Animation to make Computer learning more interesting.

Our teachers use latest technological tools in order to make their teaching more effective. They use PowerPoint presentations for explaining concepts which adds an audio-visual aid to learning. The teachers stay connected with parents through e-mail. Each classroom is equipped with Computer and projector, Wi-Fi setup to use Tataclass Edge contents.

The Government of India has set up the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) at Niti Aayog, this includes ATL lab which would teach students 21st century skills which help them in developing their professional and personal skills.

ATL is the workspace where young minds can give shape to their ideas through hands on do it yourself mode and learn innovation skills. There is a network of Atal tinkering labs in different schools all over India and Dnyanganga English Medium School is one of them.

We at DEMS got ATL set up in June 2019. On 27th June 2019 it was inaugurated by Dr. Arvind Natu, Senior Scientist IISER, Pune. In his speech Dr. Natu said that “Innovation should be done for the betterment of society and Questioning is the basic need of Research”.

Students of DEMS got a chance to work with tools and equipment to understand how and why aspects of STEM. ATL at DEMS contains educational and DIY kits and equipments on Science, electronics, robotics,3D printers, sensors and open source microcontroller boards.

On 22nd February 2019 DEMS had arranged Science Project interschool competition, ‘INNOVISION’ wherein many school children from Pune and other districts actively participated to showcase their talent. It was a grand success for DEMS!!!

During this corona pandemic ATL students of DEMS learnt designing, game developing, and such projects online.

Recently ATL students participated in online robotics competition, “YANTROTSTAV 2020”, organized by PDEA’S College of Engineering, Manjari,(Bk.),Pune.

In this competition Students of morning shift made a working model of SMART WHEEL CHAIR for physically challenged students. Their project was appreciated by all judges and we bagged FIRST PRIZE.

This is the proud moment for D.E.M.S.