Primary School Uniform

Primary Uniform
For Boys Sky blue shirt with logo and half-length milanch blue pant/full-length in winter (optional)
For Girls 1) Milanch blue pinafore with logo
  2) Plain sky blue shirt
  3) White hair band and ribbons
Shoes (common) 1) I and II – Velcro black sports shoes(Force 10 Liberty/Aqualite)
  2) III and IV –Black sports shoes (Force 10 Liberty/Aqualite)
Socks 1) Girls – White knee length in pure cotton
  2) Boys – White normal
Belt& Tie 1) Niwar belt; sharp ends to be polished and made blunt
  2) Striped tie
Sweatshirt & Bloomers 1) Navy blue sweatshirt with school logo & hood and half chain
2)Navy blue bloomers for I and II
3)Milanch blue hosiery cycling shorts; leggings in winter (for girls) for III and IV
P.T. Uniform 1) House t-shirt with stripes on sleeves and school logo
  2) Navy blue track pant with white stripes and school logo
3) White canvas shoes & white long socks (Flap only)

1) The school has prescribed a uniform for all children from Nursery class.
2) The children must come to the school in clean, ironed uniform which enhances their confidence.
3) The boys must have a proper haircut, long hair is not allowed for boys.
4) Nails should be cut on every Sunday.
5) Girls should have a simple hair style, two plaits with ribbon or hair band and small studs (earrings) are permitted.
6) The skirts or shorts should not be below the knees.