Founder Director’s Message

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” ― Robert Frost

DEMS aims at providing Education as a system that acts as a catalyst to enhance the experience of learning and help the child to identify his capacities by a process of self–assessment.
We value in treasuring the innocence of a child while imparting quality education where the child is nurtured like a young mind and offered food for thought and action.
We use child-centric learning techniques that make learning fun and an educational system that brings about holistic development of the child.
Through our education we aim at making a responsible child who is tolerant and respectful and compassionate towards others. They should be able to adapt themselves into diverse cultures and hence become empathetic global citizens. Such citizens should be able to set an example for their fellow beings.

Similarly, our students will be empowered with the knowledge of latest technology integrated with values and make qualitative decisions as leaders with a vision.
The child-centric approach has been used to design a syllabus that would kindle curiosity and inquisitiveness in young minds, instil confidence and prove to be accomplished leaders.

Mr. S. M. Katkar
Founder Director ZES’S Pune.