Nursery Class Uniform

Nursery Regular Uniform
For Boys 1) White Colour Shirt & Blue Pant.
2) Black canvas shoes with white long socks (flap only, no lace)
For Girls 1) Blue Colour Frock with white Frill.
P.T. Uniform 1) White sailor suit with school emblem.
2) White canvas shoes & white long socks. (Flap only)

1) The School has prescribed a uniform for all children from Nursery upwards.
2) The Children must come to the School in clean, ironed uniform which enhances their self confidence.
3) The boys must have a proper hair cut, long hair are not allowed for the boys.
4) Nails should be cut on every Sunday.
5) Girls should have a simple hair style, two plaits with ribbon or hair band and small stud earings are permitted.
6) The skirts or the shorts should not be below the knees.