The biology lab is well maintained with different models, charts, specimens and microscopes.There are various models of animal cell, plant cell,organ systems (like digestive system, skeletal system ), various body parts ( like human eye, brain, heart, kidney etc ). Through these models students get the better idea of working of various life processes. Model of Torso is available in the lab from which Individual part of human body can be studied separately. It gives a 3-D impression. The specimens Like fish, snail, starfish, nematoda, coral, sponge etc are available to give the real ideas of biodiversity present on the earth. The charts are enlarged colourful well-labelled pictures which teachers can use for classroom teaching. There are 5 microscopes to study the microscopic Organisms and cells. Here students get first hand experience of preparation of different slides also. Students enjoy learning about the living world actively in the bio lab with the available facilities.

The Physics Laboratory is well equipped with the apparatus required for the School Experiments. The apparatus includes Electrical Circuits, Mirrors , Lenses , Prisms for Light Experiments , Balances for Mass Experiments , Calorimeters for Heat Experiments , devices for Sound Experiments and Magnets. The students actually connect the components of electrical circuit and get the concept cleared. They handle various magnets and try to understand the magnetism. The electrical circuit devices are maintained and upgraded as and when required by external agency. The charts showcasing photographs of scientists and information about great work done by them are displayed on the wall. Charts displaying various Physics Principles, Concepts are also put on walls. The Physics Hall is long , airy and well lit which provides a perfect ambience for experimenting. Calender charts are also available which can be used for classroom teaching of concepts like Lens –mirror images, electromagnetism.Students understand better if they experience things. They understand Science Principles better if they see them or get hands on experience. This is what achieved in Physics Laboratory.

Chemistry lab is also large and spacious. It is well ventilated and has been recently renovated to provide clear and hygienic ambience, to carry out experiment safety. The chemistry lab is equipped with advance equipments as per school necessity.

Computers –

The use of technology has become an essential part of our day to day lives. One finds computers being used in almost every walk of life. As such every individual should be able to make effective use of this technology. With the help of computers , students can get information about various subjects , improve their creativity and develop their skills in technology.

We believe in –

We at DEMS believe that the students need to be given hands on experience of using different aspects of Information and Technology.

Computer Lab –

DEMS has well equipped computer lab with 30 computers. Our system has Windows 2007 with Intel Core Pentium Dell Processor , LAN with 64-bit Operating System , LCD Projection System , E-Scan Anti-Virus Protection System , Printer , Scanner and Xerox machine. Our infrastructure has complete surveillance system, electrical power supply with complete generator set back-up. Our computer softwares are regularly updated to keep pace with the fast changing technology.

We teach here-

We at DEMS teach softwares: Windows OS-2007, Microsoft office 2010 and its features Microsoft Windows logo, Visual Basic 6.0, C, C++, HTML, QBasic, Macromedia flash and Adobe Photoshop.Std. 10th softwares – Geogebra, Baraha pad and Internet Basics. Our teachers are also highly updated with this new technology, they type question papers, prepare power point presentations for their related topics and send notices or other circulars to parents through Emails.