Inauguration of ATAL Tinkering Lab in DEMS

Inauguration of ATAL Tinkering Lab in DEMS

“Research should be society centric, it must help further the ways of development of mankind”, said the senior IISER scientist Dr. Arvind Natu when he was speaking at the inauguration of the Atal Tinkering Lab of Zeal Education Society’s Dnyanganga English Medium School. The inauguration was graced by the presence of the Founder Director Mr. S.M. Katkar, Former Deputy Mayor Mr. Prasanna Jagtap, Education Officer Mr. Sachin Kale, Executive director Mr. Pradeep khandave, the Principal of B.Ed college Mr.Milind Suryavanshi, the Principal of D.Ed college Mr. B.B. Jagtap, the Principal of Dnyanganga Junior college Mrs. Anuradha Nikam, the Principal of Dnyaganga School Mrs. Renuka Datta and the Principal of Silver Crest School Mrs. Anuja Yerudkar.

      Dr. Natu inaugurated the Atal Tinkering Lab, which was granted by Niti Aayog. Dr. Natu said, Core of any invention lies in questions. One who finds answers to these questions happens to invent something; however the research should be society centric and useful for mankind.”

   The Founder Director Mr.Katkar said, “I am proud that Dnyanganga students are leading all walks of life. Zeal Education Society is one of the leading educational institutes as the teachers are dedicatedly working.”

The Former Deputy Mayor Mr. Prasanna Jagtap wished all the best to these initiative. The supervisors Mrs. Mugdha Abhyankar, Mrs. Nilima Bhingardive, Mrs. Nandita Brahma and all the teachers worked hard to make the event successful.

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