3rd September 2018

Pre primary section of Dnyanganga English Medium School celebrated the  festival of Dahi handi to mark the occasion of janmashtami celebration. Children  dressed up as Radha Krishna and  enjoyed breaking Dahi handi  followed  by eating dahikala (snacks). Small idol of lord Krishna was kept in nicely decorated swing (पाळणा) to celebrate his birth anniversary.The premises was beautifully decorated  to welcome lord Krishna . All have danced on the tunes of peppy songs of lord Krishna . The children  returned [...]

Wellness message marks Raksha-Bandhan at DEMS

Dnyanganga English Medium School, Sinhagad road, celebrated Raksha Bandhan festival with great enthusiasm. The school organised a special event to educate students about the significance of this festival. Rakhi making activity was organised in the school to mark the festival and make students understand the sacred bond between brother and sister. Handmade rakhis by girls were tied on their brother’s hands while a thank you card brought a smile on the sister’s face.        Students showed keen interest in the occasion making the atmosphere joyful and lovable. Keeping [...]

Dems shines yet again

Swaraj Kokate from DEMS, studying in IX std a/s, has won six gold medals, one silver medals and a trophy in group event which was organised by 15th Pune District Sub Junior /Junior /Senior Wushu Championship, Pune District association and JJ sports Foundation. Founder Director of Zeal Education Society Mr. S. M Katkar sir, Executive Director Mr. Jayesh Katkar sir, Principal Mrs.Renuka Datta and  the teachers of DEMS congratulated him and appreciated for his great success. This was a proud [...]

Non-Fire cooking competition at DEMS

Mother and child bond is sweet. But father and child bond is stronger than any other. To celebrate the relationship among father and child and on account of Father’s Day Dnyanganga English Medium School arranged a non-fire cooking competition. The presence and support of Founder Director S.M. Katkar Sir, Executive Director Jayesh Katkar Sir, Principal Renuka Datta Madam, Supervisors and Teachers was remarkable. Participants including pairs of child and father, they spent quality time together and actively made different [...]

Deep Poojan celebration at Dnyanganga School

DEMS celebrated Deep poojan on 11th August 2018, which is an auspicious observance to perform on Ashada Amavasya Day. On this day people clean and sanctify a table and decorate it with rangoli and keep diyas on the table. Deep pooja is dedicated to the one Ishta Devata(favourite God) and to pancha Mahabhootas (Five primordial elements-Air, Water, Fire, Sky and the Earth.) People believe that the sparkling light of diyas drives out all the evil and bad powers by [...]

Independence Day Celebration at Dnyanganga school.

DEMS celebrated 72nd Independence Day on 15th August 2018 with great pomp and patriotism. The National Flag was hoisted by the chief guest, Vice- President of Zeal Education Society’s Poman Sir. The Founder Director of Zeal Education Society S. M. Katkar sir, Secretary of Zeal Education Society Rakesh Katkar sir, Mrs. Jyoti Gosavi Corporator, Sinhagad Road, Principal of DEMS, Teachers, EPTA members, parents and students were present for the flag hoisting ceremony. The tiny tots of DEMS dressed as Rani [...]

Guru Pournima Celebration at Dnyanganga School

      DEMS celebrated Guru Pournima with great enthusiasm on 27th July  2018. On this auspicious day the official ceremony of conferring titles and investing powersto the student council were organized in the investiture ceremony. The oath of responsibility was given to the students by Principal Mrs. Renuka Datta. The event began with the ceremonial welcome of the Chief guests Mr. H.M. Nanaware (Ass. Police inspector), Mr. J.B Jagtap (Renouned  Tabla Player). The Chief guests in their inspiring speech conveyed [...]

Palkhi (Dindi) Procession at DEMS

Palkhi (Dindi) Procession is one of the most important religious celebrations in Maharashtra. Devotees of Vitthal visit Pandharpur to pay their tribute every year. These Devotees are called as Warkaris. DEMS’s Little Warkaris also conveyed their tribute to Lord Vitthal by carrying out small procession nearby school’s premise.    Students of Pre-Primary dressed in ethnic wear like Dhoti, kurta and Gandhi cap. Some attired like ‘Vitthuba –Rakhumai’. Along their way they enthusiastically chanted hymns and sang devotional songs like ‘Dyanba [...]

प्रसन्न जगताप यांची सदिच्छा भेट

झील एज्युकेशनच्या ज्ञानगंगा इंग्रजी माध्यम शाळा, हिंगणे येथील शाळेस माजी उपमहापौर व विद्यमान नगरसेवक यांनी सदिच्छा भेट दिली. या प्रसंगी संस्थेचे संस्थापक-अध्यक्ष मा. संभाजीराव काटकर, शाळेच्या प्राचार्या सौ. रेणुका दत्ता, पर्यवेक्षिका नीलिमा भिंगारदिवे, मुग्धा अभ्यंकर, नंदिता ब्रह्मा उपस्थित होत्या.      या प्रसंगी जगताप म्हणाले, “गेल्या १५ वर्षांपासून ही शाळा १००% निकाल देते, ही अभिमानाची बाब आहे. सिंहगड रोडपरिसरात ज्ञानगंगा इंग्रजी माध्यमशाळेचे शहारात स्वतःचे स्थान निर्माण केले आहे. नुर्सेर्य पासून दहावी पर्यंतच्या मुलांमध्ये कमालीची शिस्त पाहायला मिळाली असून स्वच्छता, पाण्याची, स्वच्छतागृहांची [...]

Yoga Day Celebration at DEMS

             “Yoga is light, It never dims,                  The more you practice,                    The brighter it gets!” Dnyanganga English Medium School celebrated ‘World International Yoga Day’ on 21st June 2018 under the able guidance of corporator Mrs.Jyoti Gosavi, Shrimati Anuradha Tallu-BJP vice-chairman for Pune city Mahila Morcha and Yoga Experts. Students learned various Yoga exercises and other techniques to be healthy and wise by the Yoga Expert Prachi Mokashi. An Essay writing competition was also conducted on this occasion. Founder Director Mr. [...]