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Welcome to Dnyanganga English Medium School

            Zeal Education Society’s was established in the Year 1996, under the able guidance of Mr. S.M.Katkar to provide quality education.During the last few years, Zeal Education Society has established itself as a wellknown entity in the field of education.The right kind of ambiance coupled with excellent staff, laboratories and other support system has resulted in an excellent performance of the student, of the education institute run by the society.The institute stands as an exemplary image of quality. Within the time span of 16 years, at Hingne Campus the society has established Dnyanganga School, Dnyanganga Junior College, Dyanganga College of Education and Silver Crest School. Narhe Campus established by society constitutes of Zeal Group of Management Institutes, Dnyanganga College of Engineering and Research and Dnyanganga Polytechnic. The society also is working in the direction of establishing Pharmacy College, College of Nursing and Many more.

Inauguration of ATAL Tinkering Lab in DEMS

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Christmas Celebration in DEMS

DEMS celebrated Christianity and Sikhism on 24th December with great Zeal in the remembrance of Tej Bahadur Singh and... read more

Annual Day Celebration- 2019-20

On 21st Nov. 2019 DEMS celebrated Annual Day function with gusto and zest. The theme was ‘Umang’– an Exaltation– which... read more

Dahi handi

Dahi handi is one of the festive events and a team sport during the festival of Gokulashtami and celebrates... read more

Salute to our Tri Colour in DEMS.

To remember and to pay homage to all those who fought for attaining freedom from the British clutches and... read more

Deep Pujan

मनामनांतील अज्ञानाचा अंध:कार दूर करून ज्ञानाचा प्रकाश देणाऱ्या दिव्यांचे पूजन करून हिंगण्यातील ज्ञानगंगा इंग्रजी माध्यमाच्या शाळेत तेजाला वंदन करण्यात... read more

Deep Pujan

We believe that the worship of diya will usher in knowledge and will help in seeking the blessings of... read more

Salad decoration competition

Now a days because of busy schedule parents are not able to spend time with the kids. To fulfill... read more

Five feathers are added in Dnyanganga’s Hat

Zeal Education Society’s Dnyanganga English medium School grabbed wonders in the beginning of the new Academic Year 2019-20. The... read more

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